Why have life Insurance article review


A recent article on nasdaq.com tackled this question:

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Why have life insurance?


I whole heartily agree that this is an important question and not an easy one to answer as each individual, family and situation is different.

To sum up the article:

  • There are many available choices for life insurance coverage for your family so many that it is often confusing.
  • Most Americans have misconceptions about the cost and benefits of life insurance.
  • Most young adults don’t have any life insurance to help protect their loved ones.
  • Insurance can be easier then ever to get and answering a simple question can make deciding on what tie of insurance policy to get a no-brainer.

That simple question is:  How long do you plan on keeping the policy?

  • If only for a short term, then go with term insurance.
  • If for a longer term, then permanent insurance is the way to go.

Your best bet is to contact a professional and let them guide you through the process and help select the best insurance for your needs.
I agree with the points of this article and would ad that the best time to buy insurance is always now.

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When I was selling Insurance, I found there was a lot of confusing and misguided information on the internet. I would spend a lot of time educating my clients on how insurance works, the correct ways to use it, not buying more or less than they need, etc... Now that I am living in Belize and marketing full time on the internet. I felt I should put some simple but accurate information on the internet to help people decide what is right for them.

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