Top 10 Life Insurance Companies

top 10 life insurance companies

My top 10 Life Insurance Companies

I reviewed 40 life insurance companies in 3 areas.

Top 10 life insurance companies for customer satisfaction

  1. State Farm
  2. Mass Mutual
  3. Metlife
  4. Fidelity
  5. Northwestern Mutual
  6. Prudential
  7. Guardian
  8. ING
  9. New York Life
  10. American General

Top 10 life insurance companies for financial stability

  1. New York Life
  2. T!AA-CREF
  3. USAA
  4. Northwestern Mutual
  5. State Farm
  6. Mass Mutual
  7. Ohio National Life
  8. Guardian
  9. Cincinnati Life
  10. Metlife

Top 10 life insurance companies for value for your dollar

  1. Cincinnati Life
  2. Ohio National Life
  3. SBLI
  4. Northwestern Mutual
  6. Security Mutual
  7. Metlife
  8. Royal Neighbors of America
  9. Mass Mutual
  10. Transamerica Life

Top 10 life insurance companies overall

1. Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual

Established: 1857

Good customer satisfaction ratings, strong financials, and a good value for the dollar.  Northwestern Mutual was not the top company in any of the three categories, but it’s combined score placed it on top over all.  A good solid company all around.

2. State Farm

State Farm

Established: 1922

Top honors in customer satisfaction, very strong financials, and o.k. on value.  State Farm is a great company, but not always the best value.  I may be biased, as I worked as a State Farm multi-line representative for a while and I have had insurance policies with the company for over 27 years.

3. Savings Bank Life Insurance

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company (SBLI)

Established: 1907

SBLI is o.k. in customer satisfaction, strong in financials, and a good value.  SBLI provides solid policies at a good price.

4. Metlife

Metropolitan Life (Metlife)

Established: 1868

Metlife is good in customer satisfaction, strong in financials, and a good value.  Metlife is a global company with coverage available in the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


5. Ohio National

Ohio National

Established: 1909

Ohio National is o.k. in customer satisfaction, strong in financials, and a very good value.  I have life insurance policies through Ohio National.  I have no complaints about the customer service, they have always answered  my questions quickly.


6. Mass Mutual

Massachusetts Mutual

Established: 1851

MassMutual is very good in customer service, strong financially, and a fair value.  MassMutual is a good company that has been around for over 160 years. The main focus of MassMutual is to “help people like you take the next step toward a more secure financial future”.



TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company

Established: 1918

TIAA-CREF is o.k. in customer service, very strong financially, and a good value.  TIAA-CREF started providing retirement planning for teachers but is now provided a complete line of services and products to everyone.


8. New York Life

New York Life

Established: 1845

New York Life is good in customer satisfaction, has Very strong financials, and is a o.k. value for your dollar.  New York Life says that “For nearly 170 years, we’ve kept every promise we’ve made to our customers. That’s simply a fact.”  They are a good company and very, very reliable.


9. Prudential


Established: 1875

Prudential is good with customer service, has decent financials, and is an fair value.  They offer coverage in the US, Mexico, Brazil, in Asia, and in Europe.

10. Cincinnati Life

Cincinnati Life

Established: 1968

Cincinnati Life is fair in customer satisfaction, strong financially, and a great value.  This is a much smaller company, but it’s value for your dollar beat out many larger companies to rank in my top 10 insurance companies list.


Top ten life insurance companies

These are my picks for the top 10 life insurance companies.  Choosing a life insurance company is important, but it is more important to find an insurance agent you can trust.  If you need help finding an agent just let me know and I will be happy to help.

Don’t just take my word for it

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