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Have questions about life insurance?

Do I need it?

What is the best kind for me?

How much should I have?

If you have questions about life Insurance, here you’ll get answers. I’ll give you straight answers in easy to understand terms. If I don’t know an answer I’ll let you know, and I will find somebody that knows the answer for you. I will try to make a sometimes boring topic a little fun, if not exciting. All with a smile 😉

My story:

questions about life insurance, just ask

My Daughter and I exploring Santa Rita Ruins in Belize

It all started when I was a little kid …blah, blah, blah.

Simply; I spent a long time in sales and got tired of being forced to push products on people who really didn’t need them or couldn’t afford them.

I started this blog as a source of life insurance information, so you can decide, what products you may need, what products would be best for you, and if you need any life insurance at all. I have a knack for taking complicated and confusing topics easy to understand. I like to give information, answer questions, and give people the tools needed to make their own decisions.  While I was selling insurance I found that much of the information on-line was miss leading or incomplete and I know I can help you by providing more complete, easier to understand, and less sales driven answers.

About Me:

I am a happy husband, proud father of four, and grandfather. I enjoy helping people, and explaining things in terms people can understand. I enjoy travel, warm weather, exploration, smiles, walking, laughter, swimming, reading, sharing my dreams, working toward my goals, and helping others to reach their’s. If you want to know more about me personally visit my personal blog at: www.thewaytoescape.com


I may make money from you. Many of the links on this site are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you click on them or buy something. If I refer you to a good insurance agent, I may also get a referral fee. If you don’t want me to make money from you, that’s fine, just don’t click any ads or ad links. I’ll make sure that you know which links are ads.

I also don’t handpick the ads displayed on the website, so I am not endorsing or recommending a product by having an ad for it on my website. If I do recommend a product I will specifically tell you, and the reasons why.

I am a licensed in the state of Texas as a general lines insurance agent qualified in Life, Accident, Health & HMO, Property and Casualty license #1789261. I will not try to sell you on any specific product(s), without meeting with you personally to find out about your needs, there too many variables in insurance, there is no one product that would fit everybody. In fact, I believe that. not everyone needs life insurance.

Before you take action on any of the advice or information I give, it’s best to talk with your insurance agent, accountant, financial planner, lawyer, parents, grandparents, brother, or friend. I won’t be held responsible for any losses, damages, stress, strife, sleepless nights, or any other bad stuff that may happen. I of course will take full responsibility for all the good stuff that my result from following good advice such as, joy, smiles, peace of mind, etc…

Blog information:

I plan on reviewing questions, and posting answers a couple of times a week, so keep checking back for more information. Check out my privacy policy here. To contact me, or ask a life insurance question, use my contact form here. I look forward to helping to demystify life insurance for you.   -Phil

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