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A-1 insuranceA-1 Insurance

There are a lot of people looking for A-1 insurance on the web and it is a bit confusing, as there are many insurance companies and terms that match this search.  The thing is many companies use the name A-1 because it appears first in the Yellow pages and up until the Internet this was the major form of advertising.  It was like being on the front page of Google.  When people opened the phone book and searched for insurance they would of course see A-1 insurance first, and many would call.  It was a great marketing technique for the time.  What it means to you today is that the company has probably been around for a while.  Which is one of the good signs of a reliable insurance agency.

When you search for A-1 insurance what are you looking for?

Some Companies using A-1:

A-1 Insurance Ltd. in England – A business and personal insurance company in West Yorkshire, UK

A-1 insurance agency in Tulsa, OK – An independent agency representing over 50 insurance companies.

A-1 Auto insurance – An online multi-state auto insurance portal.

A-1 Insurance – An independent agency with two offices in Indianapolis, IN

A-1 Insurance group in England – A personal and commercial insurance company in Dorset, UK

AI United in Houston, TX – An insurance agency that offers insurance in both US and Mexico.

There are thousands of other companies using A-1 insurance as their name, an alternative name, or just for advertising purposes.

The quickest solution to find the right one:

If you are looking for a local company try searching by adding the location you want, i.e. Houston, Detroit, San Marcos, etc…

Add the type of insurance you want to your search, i.e. auto, life, home, etc…

You will get better results and not be lost in cyberspace.


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